Developing Core Control to Optimize Movement Control and Functional Ability

Developing Core Control to Optimize Movement Control and Functional Ability.  The Bobath concept.  One week advanced bobath course (IBITA certified)

This is an advanced level course providing an opportunity for in-depth exploration of the theoretical and clinical link between core control, postural control and task performance with respect to the Bobath concept. The role of the corticoreticulospinal and vestibulospinal systems in the development of anticipatory postural adjustments and acquisition of balance control will be discussed. The development of core control as a component of postural control will be explored and how this interfaces with adjuncts to clinical practice such as Body Weight Support Treadmill Training and Constraint Induced Movement Therapy.

This is a clinical course underpinned by the evidence-base of anticipatory postural adjustments and the critical role of the trunk and proximal girdles in optimizing movement control.

The course participant will have ample opportunity to explore, and develop, their theoretical knowledge base and clinical skills through the utilization of daily patient treatment sessions, patient demonstrations, lectures, guided discussion and practical sessions.

A pre-reading list will be provided.

Course Objectives:

  • To gain an in-depth understanding of ‘Core Control’ and its relationship with respect to the development of postural control and balance.
  • To integrate theoretically and practically the course participants knowledge base with respect to ‘Anticipatory Postural Adjustments’ and ‘Core Control’.
  • To develop one’s understanding of the role of integrated systems control with respect to movement control, and to be able to forge links between theoretical knowledge and the clinical presentation.
  • To further develop one’s handling skills, and the utilization of facilitation to optimize movement experiences, particularly with reference to task performance.
  • To develop one’s clinical reasoning skills at an Advanced level.
  • To develop a structured process to enable the clinician to make their reasoning process more explicit to facilitate one’s own learning, and their ability to teach this process to students.

Course Length: 5-days, 35 contact hours

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