CBIA offers a variety of courses for qualified physiotherapists and occupational therapists across Canada. We also provide instruction for other health care workers including rehabilitation assistants and kinesiologists. All courses are related to treatment of individuals with neurological conditions. We also offer courses applying relevant principles of practice to other populations, e.g.  Neuro for Ortho Physiotherapists: Applying Neurophysiological Research to Orthopedic and Sports Injury Clientele.

All courses include theoretical foundations to practice, practical sessions to develop handling and clinical reasoning skills and demonstrations/workshops with patients

2/3-day Introductory Courses

Prerequisite: Entry level qualification and college registration.
General description: These courses provide the therapist with an Introduction to the Bobath Concept. The Human Movement Course lays the foundation knowledge on which all other courses are based. The other 3-day courses are themed around a specific topic but remain at an introductory level. Although it is recommended to start with the Human Movement Course, therapists may sign up for 1 or more of these courses in any order.

IBITA certified 15-day Basic Bobath Course – Assessment and Treatment of Adults with Neurological Conditions

Prerequisites: Registered Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists may attend the basic course.
It is preferred that individuals have worked with the neurological patient population for over one year. Completion of a CBIA 2-day or 3-day Introductory Course, or an NDTA Introductory Course, is strongly recommended.
Out of province participants must scan and email proof of temporary registration in the relevant province within four weeks of course start.

Description: This is a clinical course comprised of clinical learning sessions that include lectures, practical sessions, patient demonstrations and patient treatment sessions. During the period between modules the course participants complete a guided self-directed case report. Certification is dependent upon successful completion of the case report.
Participants will be instructed in the Bobath Concept with respect to the assessment, treatment and management of adult neurological conditions. The practical application of contemporary research findings will be emphasized to promote “best practice”. Therapists will have the opportunity to work with a variety of clinical diagnoses including, CVA, ABI & iSCI, at various stages of recovery. This course has a practical emphasis to enable therapists the opportunity to develop handling skills.

Course Length: 15-days, 110 contact hours plus case report assignment

5-day Advanced Courses. IBITA certified. (Themed)

Prerequisites: Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, in possession of an IBITA recognized basic course certificate will be accepted as participants in an advanced course. It is recommended but not required to have a minimum of 6 months experience after completion of the 15-day Basic Bobath Course.

Description: These courses are themed around a specific clinical focus thus enabling the therapist to deepen their skill set beyond the Basic Course level.
 In addition to theory, clinical reasoning and practical sessions the Advanced course offers supervised/mentored treatment sessions with patients.
Advanced Course Learning Objectives (PDF)
Advanced Course Core Curriculum (PDF)
• IBITA webpage regarding Advanced Courses –

Course length: 5-days, 35 contact hours

Course Themes
CBIA is response based to requests for Advanced Course themes. Some examples include:
• Clinical Reasoning
• Developing Core Stability for Efficient Locomotion
• Core Stability as a Component of Postural Control
• Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury
• A Call to Arms
• Optimising functional performance
• Developing Core Control
• Patterns of Muscle Activation for Postural Transitions
• Step to Reach – A Clinical analysis of a complex kinetic chain


3-day Post Basic Course

Prerequsite: Completion of the 15-day Basic Bobath Course.

Description: This course offers the therapist the opportunity to deepen movement analysis, clinical reasoning and skill of facilitation. In comparison to all other courses their will be NO formal lectures

3 hour Workshops

Prerequisite: Entry level qualification and college registration.

Description: Workshops are offered based upon specific requests. If you would like a 3 hour workshop on a specific topic please contact us.

2 day Course for Health Care Workers
Prerequsite: Entry level qualification and college registration specific to professional designation.
Description: This course offers an Introduction to the Bobath Concept for a variety of Health Care Workers (RA, PTA’s, OTA’s. Nurses, Kinesiologists, Massage therapists, Recreation therapists, Speech therapists) It is a practical course that utilizes patients to apply principles of the Bobath Concept in PADL and ADL.