Core Stability as a Component of Postural Control

Core Stability as a Component of Postural Control. Developing the Clinical Reasoning Process.  The Bobath concept.  One week advanced bobath course (IBITA certified)

This is an advanced level course exploring the relationship of core stability and postural control and how this inter-relationship can be explicated by enhancing the critical skills of the clinician thus facilitating the clinical reasoning process.

This course consists of lectures, patient demonstrations, patient treatment sessions and practical human movement analysis sessions.

Course Objectives:

  • To gain an in-depth understanding of “core stability” and its relationship with respect to the development of postural control and balance
  • To integrate theoretically and practically the course participants knowledge base with respect to “anticipatory postural adjustments” and “core stability”
  • To develop the course participants critical thinking abilities in order to facilitate their clinical reasoning process
  • Develop the course participant’s ability to select critical cues and cluster data with respect to a clinical presentation to promote the development of hypothesis generation as a component of the clinical reasoning process

Course Length: 5-days, 35 contact hours

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