Clinical Reasoning: Integrating practical knowledge and science

Clinical Reasoning: Integrating practical knowledge and science. The Bobath concept. An Advanced Bobath course (IBITA certified)

This is an advanced level course designed specifically to facilitate individual development of ones clinical reasoning process with respect to the Bobath concept. The course will provide an opportunity to explore the link between theoretical and practical knowledge, and the critical thinking skills of the therapist, which are essential to effective clinical reasoning. This is a clinical course underpinned by the evidence based theory supporting clinical reasoning in which the course participant will have ample opportunity to explore, and develop, their clinical reasoning process through the utilization of daily patient treatment sessions, patient demonstrations, lectures, guided discussion and practical exploration. The course will consist of some pre-course activities to facilitate the necessary interactive nature of this course.

Course Objectives: 

  • To develop the ‘Thinking Power’ of the individual clinician
  • Develop the course participant’s ability to select critical cue’s and cluster data with respect to a clinical presentation to promote the development of hypothesis generation as a component of the clinical reasoning process.
  • To develop the critically reflective (metacognitive) abilities of the clinician to facilitate knowledge generation.
  • To develop a structured process to enable the clinician to make their reasoning process more explicit to facilitate one’s own learning, and their ability to teach this process to students.

Course Length: 5-days, 35 contact hours

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