It looks like the therapist does a lot of the work, doesn’t that make the patient passive and dependent?

No; the patient is an active participant in the treatment.  The therapist is the tool in the treatment to enable movement experiences that the patient cannotd yet do alone, but in which the patient has the potential to gain independence in the future.  Facilitation is an active process, the patient is receiving, integrating and responding to the facilitation and the therapist is response-based to the patient’s response. It is an implicit communication between the patient and the therapist.

The therapist is the catalyst for positive neuromuscular plasticity thus enhancing functional recovery.  Although the therapist may be working hard both physically and mentally, ‘problem-solving the clinical presentation on the fly’, this does not detract from the active participation of the client.  The goal of Bobath therapy is to enable new movement experiences potentiating improved quality of movement and functional independence.

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