Host a course


Course Organization

CBIA will provide each eligible course participant with a tax receipt.
All course applicant fees will be submitted and collected by CBIA.
All course expenses will be the responsibility of CBIA.
CBIA will provide the host facility with course documentation forms for course participants and patient involvement in electronic format.


Each Instructor will provide proof of license to practice in the relevant province and of assurance of sufficient out of province health coverage as appropriate.
CBIA will maintain and will require each of its instructors to maintain malpractice liability insurance in accordance with the rules and regulations of CPA.
CBIA as a component subgroup of CPA/NSD is covered by CPA’s third party liability insurance.

Course Handouts

The Course Instructors will provide the following handouts:

  • Handout to accompany the formal lecture series
  • Practical handouts as required in the course

Course Certificates

CBIA will provide each participant with a certificate, upon the successful completion of this course.  Successful completion is awarded when the course participant has been in attendance of the course for the required number of hours.  The certificate will include the number of course contact hours.

Venue Fee/Free Course Positions

CBIA agrees to allow one free place (at CPA rate) for an employee of the hosting facility, and another free place if the course has 21 or more course participants.  CBIA also agrees to give employees of the host facility priority application. In order to facilitate this priority CBIA requests that applicants from host facility submit their application as soon as possible once the MOA has been signed by both the host facility & CBIA.


CBIA and its’ instructors will not hold the host facility responsible for any loss or damage arising out of acts or omissions related to this contract.

If Required:  All course participants and CBIA Instructors will sign a “Waiver and Release of the host facility” provided by the facility to ensure there is no recourse upon the Host Facility for any loss, damages or injury incurred while on the course.


Course Venue

The Host Facility will provide a suitable venue for the period of the course for lecture presentations, patient demonstrations, practical workshops and patient treatment sessions by the course participants. The venue will provide privacy for the practical sessions.
The Host Facility Course Coordinator will advise the instructors and the course participants of emergency procedures in the event of a fire, evacuation alert or medical emergency at the beginning of the course.
Lecture requirements include: seating for all course participants and instructors and assistants/trainees, data projector and screen, flip chart and pens, overhead projector and spare bulb, and pens.
Patient Demonstration & Practical Session requirements include:

  • A room large enough to accommodate all participants, instructors and assistants/trainees, and the volunteer patient
  • One treatment plinth per 3 participants (e.g 8 plinths for 24 participants). Preferably Bobath beds, but a combination of Bobath, fixed mat style beds and orthopaedic hi-lo beds is acceptable.
  • Approximately 1 pillow or more per participant and a variety of treatment equipment such as gym balls, wheeled stools, towels etc.

Course Venue Information

 The Host Facility will provide CBIA with a map of the location of the facility, transport instructions for course participants, and information on nearby hotels/ B&B’s for course participants traveling from out of town.  This information shall be provided by as soon as possible after the MOA is signed.

Course Venue Participant/Instructor Requirements

In the event that the Host facility has specific requirements of visiting instructors and course participants, such as records of immunization, copies of malpractice insurance, the Host Facility will advise CBIA of these needs on signing this MOA to ensure that course advertising and brochures request the necessary information from applicants.

Course Catering

CBIA will provide a budget of $6/day/course participant (including the instructors & instructor candidates) for course catering needs. CBIA will forward a cheque to the host facility once the final number of course participants has been determined. The Host Facility Course Coordinator will organize catering and refreshments for the breaks (not including lunch). Arrange for the catering for the breaks to be brought to the course.

Registration Packages

The Host Facility will provide each course participant with a registration package including any pertinent information with respect to the host facility and area, and a name badge.  CBIA will provide the host facility with all other information, in electronic format, to be included in the registration package, this includes:

  • CBIA Manual Handling Disclosure
  • CBIA Participant Waiver
  • Course Participant List
  • Course Evaluation Form

Patient Requirements

As this is a practical course designed to develop the analytical and handling skills of the course participants the course requires the inclusion of a total of 2 patients for the patient demonstration sessions. The Host Facility or CBIA maintains the right to terminate or remove a patient from the course if they feel this is necessary for any reason

CBIA will send to the Host Facility, in electronic format:

  • CBIA Patient Profile
  • CBIA Medical consent
  • CBIA Patient consent
  • CBIA Patient information letter (to be kept by patient)

CBIA requests that the Host Facility submit to the course instructors at the commencement of the course the following:

  • Completed CBIA Patient Profile
  • Completed CBIA Medical consent
  • Completed CBIA Patient consent

The patient will preferably have sustained a stroke. The patient MUST be on active treatment and will be followed after the course. The patient can either be in their acute stage of rehabilitation or alternatively be in a later stage of rehabilitation possibly already an outpatient.  Selection for patient demonstration will be discussed with the Course Instructor prior to the course. We would suggest that you consider cardiac arrest arrangements and a thank you card for the patient.

Cancellation and Termination

The Canadian Bobath Instructors Association reserves the right to cancel for any reason, no later than four weeks in advance of the first day of the course. The instructors reserve the right to substitute another CBIA instructor in their place if anyone of them is rendered unable to teach.