Developing Core Stability for Efficient Locomotion

Developing Core Stability for Efficient Locomotion: Core Stability as a Component of Postural Control. The Bobath concept. An Advanced Bobath course (IBITA certified)

This is an advanced level course providing an opportunity for in-depth exploration of the theoretical and clinical link between core control and locomotion. The role of the  corticoreticulospinal system and central pattern generators as key aspects of postural control and locomotion will be discussed, including the role of ‘Body- Weight Support Treadmill Training’ in the development of core control and the locomotor pattern. This is a clinical course underpinned by the evidence-base of locomotion and the critical role of the trunk and proximal girdles in anticipatory postural control. The course participant will have ample opportunity to explore, and develop, their theoretical knowledge base and clinical skills through the utilization of daily patient treatment sessions, patient demonstrations, lectures, guided discussion and practical sessions.

Course Objectives: 

  • To gain an in-depth knowledge of the term “core control” and its relationship with anticipatory postural adjustments: a postural control strategy.
  • To deepen the clinician’s theoretical knowledge of the cortico-reticulospinal system: a ventro- medial descending system underpinning core control
  •  To inter-relate core control with other essential elements of successful locomotion including generation of the locomotor pattern, development of propulsion and adaptation to the environment through voluntary and facilitated gait modifications
  • To integrate theoretical knowledge and clinical skill for the retraining of core control through the re-acquisition of anticipatory postural adjustments in the neurological patient population
  •  To utilize clinical reasoning and skilled facilitation to potentiate functional recovery of locomotion in the neurological patient population
  • To be introduced to the role of Body-Weight Support Treadmill Training, in the development of core control, and the locomotor pattern.

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