Applying Neurophysiology to Orthopaedic Practice

Applying Neurophysiology to Orthopaedic Practice.  A three day introductory specialty course.  The Bobath Concept.

This course will use lectures to introduce the neurophysiological research behind the principles of treatment used in the Bobath Concept. The principles will then be applied to treatment rationale for clients presenting with orthopeadic or sports injuries during practical sessions. The practical component of the course will also build on some of the commonly used orthopaedic assessment and treatment tools by discussing and applying the neurology underpinning them.

Course Objectives:

  • Introduce and deepen understanding of the neurophysiological rationale underlying current orthopaedic practice.
  • Introduce and deepen appreciation for the therapeutic application of the inter-relationship of individual body parts to the body as a whole in human movement using current neurophysiological rationale.
  • Introduce an approach of assessment and treatment, based on the Bobath concept, that will enhance clinical use of the neurophysiological principles with orthopaedic patients.

Course Length: 2.5-days, 17 contact hours

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