Post Basic Movement Analysis, Clinical Reasoning and Facilitation

Movement Analysis, Clinical Reasoning and Facilitation. The Bobath concept. A three day post basic specialty course.

This is a 3-day practical course for physiotherapists and occupational therapists who have completed the 15-day IBITA / NDTA certified Basic Course titled Assessment and Treatment of Adults with Neurological Conditions, The Bobath concept.

Movement analysis and clinical reasoning will be explored at a post basic level thru patient workshops and practical sessions. There will be no formal lectures

Post Basic Course Objectives:

  • To further develop the clinicians human movement analytical skills and the impact of movement dysfunction on functional activities.
  • To further develop the manual handling skill of ‘facilitation’ of the clinician.
  • To further develop the clinical reasoning skills of the clinician at a post-basic course level.

Course Pre-Requisite: 

Course participants must have completed the Basic Bobath (15 day) certification course, or the NDT certification course.  Course participants must submit a copy of their certificate.

Course Length: 3-days, 19.5 contact hours