Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

Assessment and Treatment of the Incomplete Spinal Cord Injured Patient.  A three day introductory specialty course.  The Bobath Concept.

An introductory course on the clinical application of the contemporary Bobath concept with respect to the treatment and management of the incomplete spinal cord injured patient.  The course will consist of lectures, patient demonstrations and practical sessions.

Course Objectives:

The course participant will gain an understanding of:

  • The relationship between an incomplete lesion in the spinal cord and the clinical presentation of the iSCI patient
  • The spinal cord as a component part of the CNS in the production of skilled movement
  • The relationship between spinal cord plasticity and the potential recovery of the incomplete spinal cord injured patient
  • The role of muscle plasticity in the treatment of iSCI, and the implications of compensatory strategies related to long term function
  • The relationship between postural control and functional recovery of the reach pattern and locomotion
  • The role of Body Weight Support Treadmill Training in rehabilitation of the incomplete spinal cord injured patient

Course Length: 3-days, 19.5 contact hours

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